Basic Rules for Party Planning – Basic Kitchen Skills

We call our YouTube channel Let’s Celebrate TV for a reason. To celebrate and have parties. Here are my 5 basic rules for party planning. Although most websites will have dozens of rules, they all really break down to a few basics – here are mine.

The Occasion – KISS (keep it super simple) – Your boss and her husband are coming to dinner? This is NOT the time to try out some new recipe from Bon Appetit or Food Network. Go with what you know! Or, it’s a big party? KISS – keep it super simple. Again, go with what you know -choose recipes that are quick and easy to make for a crowd.

Guest list – make the guest list fit the occasion . If it’s a small affair, do you want to invite your free spirited cousin and your very conservative boss to the party?

Take notes – Does Carol not eat pork? Or maybe Jamie is allergic to nuts. Those small details will help you in the future!

Save the menu – they provide inspiration for future events, and keep track of what you’ve done

Make a schedule. Study your recipes and menu and figure out prep and cooking time so everything comes out at the same time and you can enjoy your party. I will go so far as to make as much ahead of time. But don’t forget to include time to clean up, set your table or set up the buffet, and get ready.

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