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Get a Grip! 🗡️ Mastering Knife Handling for Ultimate Control

Learn the pinch and grip method to effectively handle different types of knives. Gain better control and precision by understanding the center of gravity. Improve your knife skills and elevate your cooking game! #KnifeGripMastery #CookingTechniques #KnifeSkills #EnhanceYourCooking #MasterTheArt #PrecisionCutting #ExpertChef #KitchenEssentials #CookingTips #ChefSkills Full Video: === 📑 NEWSLETTER === Get ONE email a week […]

Watch as this Stick Blender Transforms Mayonnaise Making Forever!

Discover the incredible secret technique to effortlessly create the creamiest homemade mayonnaise using a stick blender. Say goodbye to lumpy, uneven mixtures as we show you how to achieve perfect consistency every time. Get ready to revolutionize your culinary game! #MayoMagic #StickBlenderDelights #HomemadeMayoPerfection #KitchenHack #CreamyMayonnaise #FoodiesUnite #KitchenInnovation #GameChangingBlenders #CulinaryRevolution #MustTryRecipes Full Video: === 📑 […]

The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Vegetable Slicing: Mandolin vs V Slicer

Learn the difference between a mandolin and a V slicer and discover which one is best for consistent and precise vegetable cuts. Join us as we explore the pros and cons of each type and get ready to elevate your slicing skills. #VegetableSlicing #KitchenGadgets #MandolinVsVSlicer #PreciseCuts #CookingTips #KitchenTools #VegetablePreparation #MandolinSlicer #VSlicer #KitchenEssentials

Knife Care 101: Sharpening vs. Honing Explained!

Knife Maintenance – Sharpening vs. Honing Explained.” Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, understanding the distinction between sharpening and honing is critical to maximizing your knives’ performance. Full Video: How to Hone a Knife – === 📑 NEWSLETTER === Get ONE email a week with these recipes delivered to your inbox. No […]

How to Make Fresh Pasta from Scratch | Your First Homemade Pasta Dough

Whether you’re a kitchen beginner or an experienced cook, making fresh pasta from scratch is a great way to explore new flavors and techniques. I will show you how to make homemade pasta dough step by step, and you will never open a box of dried pasta again. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 1 Cup (160g) […]

Don’t be Afraid of Cast Iron Cooking | Let’s Celebrate TV Live

Sunday, March 19, 2023 – 3:30 pm Eastern US EST (UTC-5) – Join us in the kitchen, where we discuss, demystify, and debunk the myths surrounding Cast Iron Cooking. We will share tips on cooking, cleaning, and storing cast iron pans. Whether you acquired your grandma’s cast iron or bought your first Lodge cast iron […]

Measuring Wet and Dry Ingredients | Basic Kitchen Skills

Taking your recipes to the next level requires measuring wet and dry ingredients accurately, especially for baking. The tools and procedures for measuring dry ingredients are completely different from measuring wet (liquid) ingredients. Though they both have the same name, there is a difference between ounces, which measures weight and fluid ounces which measures volume. […]

What is Mise en Place – Everything in its Place for Recipe Preparation

Mise en Place (MEEZ ahn plahs) which means “everything in its place” is a French term. It is a technique chefs use to assemble meals quickly and effortlessly. It works by having all your ingredients measured, weighed, chopped and cut as well as getting all the pans, mixing bowls, tools and equipment needed. Devoting one […]

How to use a Mandoline Slicer Safely – Basic Kitchen Skills

Mandoline Slicers or V-slicers can drastically trim down prep time, but how to use a mandoline slicer safely is an important basic kitchen skill. Despite its intimidating reputation as one of the sharpest kitchen tools, a mandoline slicer can deliver precise cuts that are essential for artistic and exact cooking. Some slicers are basic and […]

Frying Pans 101 – The Tale of 3 Skillets | Basic Kitchen Skills

Non-Stick, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron are the 3 of the most popular materials when it comes to frying pans, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Frying Pans 101 will help you decide which pan is right for your cooking needs. We will explore how each skillet fares with heat distribution, ease of […]

Chef Knives for Beginners – Basic Skills Day

It’s Basic Skills Day with Chef Knives for Beginners. A classic chef’s knife, with its broad, tapering blade, sharp tip and chunky handle is the workhorse of the kitchen. Practicing with one really will make you a better cook: they are sharper, stronger and they do more of the work for you than smaller knives. […]

The Top 5 Entertaining Questions – March 2020

Learn my answers to these top 5 questions asked by viewers in YouTube and Facebook in March 2020. 1. I can never seem to get the timing right at my parties. One thing is cooked before another, and it’s all cold by the time we sit down to eat. Not only that, but when I […]