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Tender And Flavorful Lamb Meatballs With Mediterranean Spices

Embark on a journey of flavors with my tender and succulent lamb meatballs. Wrapped in a medley of exotic spices and familiar flavors, they are easy to make and are the perfect appetizer or the main course. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 1 pound (450g) ground lamb 1 egg 1/3 cup (45g) bread crumbs 20 Spanish […]

This Blue Cheese Beer Dip Will Make Your Taste Buds Jump For Joy!

My easy blue cheese and beer dip is where simplicity meets exquisite flavor. Experience the perfect balance of creamy blue cheese and the subtle tang of beer. Try your favorite dipper and taste pure indulgence. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 16 ounces (450g) Blue Cheese 12 ounces (360ml) beer 1 Bread Round Various cut vegetables (celery […]

Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella Salad – a New Twist on a Caprese Salad

Like a bowl of jewels and pearls, my cherry tomato and mozzarella salad is best made in summer when tomatoes are plentiful and delicious! Light, beautiful and delicious, this salad is the perfect summer dish as it doesn’t require any cooking. Did you know that New Jersey tomatoes have received a great deal of notoriety […]

Irresistible Appetizer – Marinated Feta Cheese and Olive Skewers

Indulge in a burst of Mediterranean flavors with our Marinated Feta and Olive Skewers! Each savory bite is loaded with tangy feta cheese and plump olives, infused with fennel’s aromatic and slightly sweet flavor. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 8 ounces (225g) feta cheese, cut into 3/4 inch (2cm) cubes 2 tablespoons sesame seeds 1 tablespoon […]

Lamb and Currant Mini Tarts with Warm Spices | Mary’s Little Lambs

Get ready for a flavor explosion in every bite with these bold and sophisticated lamb mini tarts! Combining warm spices like cumin, allspice and cinnamon with juicy ground lamb and fresh mint, these bite-sized appetizers are sure to impress at your next party. Watch now to learn how to make these delicious tarts that will […]

The Secret to Making the Perfect Pear and Blue Cheese Tart Appetizers

Blue cheese, pears and walnuts combine in these sensational bite-sized morsels. They’re easy to make, but look oh so impressive! === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 2 Tablespoons Butter 2 Large Pears, peeled and finely diced 2 Tablespoons Honey 1/4 Cup (60 g) Mascarpone Cheese 1/4 Cup (40 g) Crumbled Blue Cheese 1/4 Cup (35 g) Chopped […]

Deviled Crab Tarts Recipe – A Delicious and Easy Appetizer

You may have heard of Deviled Crab Cakes, but have you ever tried a Deviled Crab Tarts? These tarts are rich and have just enough heat to remind you why they’re called Deviled! === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 1 small onion, finely diced 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 12 ounces (360ml) half & half […]

Making a Polenta Board for a Polenta Table Party | Polenta alla Spianatora

You have heard of cheese boards, charcuterie boards and even butter boards, but how about a polenta board? Creamy, rich polenta is poured on a surface and served with a variety of flavorful toppings for everyone to share. Host like an Italian and throw a polenta table party. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 32 ounces (1 […]

Party Finger Food | Let's Celebrate TV Live

Sunday October 23, 2022 – 12:30pm Eastern US EDT (UTC-4) – Join us live in our kitchen when we talk about Party Finger Food. Whether you buy it or make it doesn’t matter. Let’s think beyond the normal chips and dips. From canapes, anything fried, charcuterie boards, sliders, shrimp, tacos, pizza and whatever you can […]

Hot Cheesy Broccoli Dip – The Best Dip You Need to Make Right Now!

Are you done with boring chips and dip? My Hot Cheesy Broccoli Dip will be the best one you’ve ever made. Serve it with an assortment of fresh vegetables and crusty bread and let the party begin! === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 10 ounces (285 g) frozen chopped broccoli, thawed & well drained 8 ounces (226 […]

Zucchini Rollup Roses with Bacon & Cheese | The Best Way to Eat Your Veggies !

It’s that time of year where everyone’s garden has more zucchini than they know what to do with. My zucchini rollup roses are a great mixture of flavors using zucchini, bacon, cheeses and herbs all in a pretty package. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 1 medium to large zucchini 1 medium to large yellow squash 6 […]

Creamy Garlic Clam Dip | A Modern Spin on a Classic Dip

I’m bringing Clam Dip into the 21st century. My creamy garlic clam dip uses minced clams, roasted garlic and a few other ingredients mixed together to add a modern spin on this classic recipe. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 16 ounces (450 g) cream cheese, softened 2/3 cup (150 g) mayonnaise Juice of 1 lemons 1 […]