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Upgrade Your Meatballs: Chicken, Mushroom, and Cheese Delight

Ready to upgrade your meatball game? I am transforming classic meatballs and red sauce with Chicken, Mushroom, and Cheese. It’s all rolled up into a flavor explosion. How to Make Veloute Sauce – 1 of the 5 Mother Sauces – === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 16 ounces (450g) Ground Chicken 6 ounces (170g) White Button […]

Puff Pastry Bundles: Asparagus, Prosciutto and Cheese Magic

Golden and crispy, my Puff Pastry Bundles are a flavor trifecta. Asparagus, Prosciutto, and Gruyere cheese combine in just 4 steps – roll, cut, wrap and bake. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 16 ounces (450g) (1 bunch) asparagus, ends trimmed 1 tablespoon olive oil kosher salt pepper 2 sheets frozen puff pastry, thawed 8 ounces (230g) […]

Super Nachos: From Scratch to Party-Ready

Sunday, March 3, 2024 – 3:30 pm Eastern US EST – Super Nachos are about creativity and personalization. Join us in the kitchen as we learn the art of layering different meats, cheeses, and toppings. From ground beef, shredded chicken, brisket, and pork to various chips and toppings. Tell us in chat what you put […]

Ultimate Mushroom Bruschetta: Taste The Triple Mushroom Delight!

Getting bored with a traditional bruschetta on your antipasto table? My Three Mushroom Bruschetta makes mushrooms the star in this twist on the classic spread. It’s perfect for your favorite toasted bread or pitas. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 3 1/2 ounces (99g) Shiitake Mushrooms, stems removed, and caps chopped 8 ounces (230g) Cremini Mushrooms, chopped […]

Versatile, Healthy & Delicious Salmon – From Sea to Table

Sunday, February 18, 2024 – 3:30 pm Eastern US EST – Join us in the kitchen while we dive deep into the world of salmon—a true triple threat when it comes to versatility, health, and downright deliciousness. It is one of the few proteins that is equally at home for breakfast, lunch, appetizers, and dinner. […]

Stuffed Figs Wrapped In Prosciutto – You Won't Be Able To Stop Eating These!

Stuffed figs wrapped in prosciutto is an elegant appetizer that is a perfect blend of sweet, savory, and salty. Elevate your palate with this exquisite fusion of flavors. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 16 medium to large Figs 4 ounces (125g) Blue Cheese, softened 8 slices Prosciutto 2 teaspoons Honey Fresh thyme 1 teaspoon olive oil […]

Devils On Horseback: A Tantalizing Appetizer Of Dates, Bacon, And Blue Cheese.

Saddle up for a flavor adventure with “Devils on Horseback” – a bite-sized appetizer of dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. Just like a potato chip, you can’t just eat one. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 12 dates, pitted 4 ounces (113g) blue cheese 6 slices bacon, cut in half. (Note: Don’t use […]

Tender And Flavorful Lamb Meatballs With Mediterranean Spices

Embark on a journey of flavors with my tender and succulent lamb meatballs. Wrapped in a medley of exotic spices and familiar flavors, they are easy to make and are the perfect appetizer or the main course. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 1 pound (450g) ground lamb 1 egg 1/3 cup (45g) bread crumbs 20 Spanish […]

This Blue Cheese Beer Dip Will Make Your Taste Buds Jump For Joy!

My easy blue cheese and beer dip is where simplicity meets exquisite flavor. Experience the perfect balance of creamy blue cheese and the subtle tang of beer. Try your favorite dipper and taste pure indulgence. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 16 ounces (450g) Blue Cheese 12 ounces (360ml) beer 1 Bread Round Various cut vegetables (celery […]

Cherry Tomato and Mozzarella Salad – a New Twist on a Caprese Salad

Like a bowl of jewels and pearls, my cherry tomato and mozzarella salad is best made in summer when tomatoes are plentiful and delicious! Light, beautiful and delicious, this salad is the perfect summer dish as it doesn’t require any cooking. Did you know that New Jersey tomatoes have received a great deal of notoriety […]

Irresistible Appetizer – Marinated Feta Cheese and Olive Skewers

Indulge in a burst of Mediterranean flavors with our Marinated Feta and Olive Skewers! Each savory bite is loaded with tangy feta cheese and plump olives, infused with fennel’s aromatic and slightly sweet flavor. === 🍽🍸🥩 RECIPE === 8 ounces (225g) feta cheese, cut into 3/4 inch (2cm) cubes 2 tablespoons sesame seeds 1 tablespoon […]

Lamb and Currant Mini Tarts with Warm Spices | Mary’s Little Lambs

Get ready for a flavor explosion in every bite with these bold and sophisticated lamb mini tarts! Combining warm spices like cumin, allspice and cinnamon with juicy ground lamb and fresh mint, these bite-sized appetizers are sure to impress at your next party. Watch now to learn how to make these delicious tarts that will […]